Veterinary Assistant Training

You have hired a new veterinary assistant for your practice.  Now what? Get our guide for all the topics you'll want to cover with your new veterinary assistant.


Veterinary Assistant Training

This is a professionally created hybrid course (online with hands-on components) created specifically for your practice and the vet assistant role. You'll be able to hand your vet assistant a tablet, phone, or computer and let them start learning all the fundamentals of their job. You'll also get the exact checklist and guides you need to make sure they get the hands-on practice in the office and with the patients.

Fully Responsive

The training is fully responsive and beautifully designed to work seamlessly on ANY device.  

Veterinarian Approved

Veterinarians have reviewed every piece of this training from the outline to the final videos and worksheets, so you can be confident in the validity of your training content.



You can access a full 13 module online course that covers everything from customer service skills in a veterinary setting to preventive medicine. The online course includes animated videos, audio files, transcripts, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, course workbook, a facilitator guide, and reference cards.



We’ve made the best out of the box training for veterinary assistants, but we know you might have special requests and we’re all ears. We can create a custom branded version of our signature course for your hospital. In addition, if there is a topic you want to add or exclude we can do that too. We’re owned by IDOL courses so we have an entire professional instructional design and online learning team ready to make this training the only one you’ll ever need for your veterinary assistants. 


Lifetime Access & Support

You read that right! Once you purchase the program for a one time fee you have access to it for the lifetime of your practice. And if you ever need support for your course you can always email or call us. 

No Subscription Costs

You pay a one time flat fee for our signature course. You get access to all the materials and easy login access. Even if you add on customization to the signature vet assistant course that too is a one time additional fee. You will never have to pay a subscription to have lifetime access, support, and course updates. 


Necessary Business Expense

This might mean a write off for your business taxes.  But don't ask us about taxes. Ask your CPA.  We've already asked ours 😉

Reduce Turnover

Proper onboarding and training of a new employee has been proven statistically important over and over again. When your new employee experiences the investment you've made in their professional development you'll leave a favorable impression. Feeling confident in one's knowledge and skills in a new role and a new environment is everyone's goal when they start a new job. Proper introductions to your practice and their role in it is key to building a competent and loyal employee. 

Watch The Trailer

Take a peek inside the VITAL courses Signature Program for Veterinary Assistants.


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Get Your Veterinary Assistant Up to Speed Quickly

We've already done the heavy lifting for you. We know the amount of time it takes to get a new veterinary assistant ready to serve your customers, help your patients, and manage your practice is a large undertaking. You'll invest time, resources, and attention to every detail. This is why together with an expert in instructional design, veterinarians, and veterinary assistants we created VITAL courses.


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